A Cause for Divorce

FEATURE - in development

A Cause for Divorce - A recently retired couple struggling to transition to a less frantic pace of life decide to fake their own divorce to trick their self-involved children into coming home to Alaska for the holidays. A story inspired by comedies like Father of the Bride (Steve Martin/Martin Short) and Indian Summer (Bill Paxton/Alan Arkin) mixed with the family drama of such titles as This is Where I Leave You (Jason Batement/Adam Driver) and Parental Guidance (Billy Crystal/Marisa Tomei). Originally created as a short film, also written by D.K. and Katherine, the feature length script expands on the complications our main character, and father (Robert), has trying to maintain the ruse of a divorce while secretly trying to bring his family closer together. As if the holiday gathering needed any more complications. Also  to top it off his sister-in-law, fresh of her most recent divorce, brings the awkward family moments full circle.

Story & Screenplay by D.K. Johnston & Katherine R. Johnston - Tri-Seven Pictures