army & coop

FEATURE - completed

UPDATE - 1-8-18

Army & Coop's first festival acceptance letter

We are very excited to announce that this morning we received notice that Army & Coop has been selected to screen at the 2018 Las Cruces International Film Festival taking place March 7-11. The producers would like to thank the amazing team at LCIFF for selecting us for this year's festival, to our entire cast and crew for making an great film with us, and to all our backers on Indiegogo for supporting us during this production. We look forward to sharing the film with our friends in New Mexico this Spring!


UPDATE - 8-12-17

Post-production on "Army & Coop" has been completed

After eight months of editing, crowdfunding, editing, sounds design, coloring and last EDITING we have completed the final export of Army & Coop! Our next step is talking with distribution contacts and working on festival submissions for a 2018 premiere. Stay tuned here, and to our social networks, for more information on upcoming showings. Congrats to the entire cast and crew on coming together to create a fantastic film!

UPDATE - 5-1-17

Army & Coop's official website goes live! Visit for further updates and behind-the-scenes material.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign Army & Coop is deep into post-production having recently picture locked the film. With the launch of the official website backers and fans can see cast/crew profiles and get a look behind-the-scenes of the film shot in Boulder, Louisville and Denver, Colorado. More material is coming out throughout the month of May as well as information regarding press and screenings later this year.

UPDATE - 2-20-2017

Army & Coop has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to not only raise funds for the final stages of post-production, but also to give fans and backers a glimpse at what we are putting together behind the scenes. You can contribute to the campaign by clicking HERE!

Tri-Seven Pictures has teamed up with Director Dennis Hefter, and No Clue Entertainment, to produce "Army & Coop" a feature length comedy set in Colorado. The film revolves around Mike "Army" Armstrong, a 20-year veteran professional hockey player, who has been suspended for punching out his coach on live TV. While waiting for the final word on his reinstatement into the league Army finds himself living with college students, after the love of his life leaves him, and working at her father's bar to get by. Over the course of one shift at the bar Army looses his dog Cooper, is dropped by his Agent, and the love of his life, Jen, gets engaged to his arch nemesis, Dick the bar's untalented folk singer. Throughout the story Army struggles with his own vices with the help of his friend Scott, and a handful of colorful bar patrons, in an attempt to prove to Jen that he is worth a second chance. Mean while his dog Cooper finds himself wandering the community while being pursued by the bar's dishwasher, Murray.

This will be the first feature film produced by Tri-Seven Pictures and the feature debut for Writer, Producer and Director Dennis Hefter. The film stars Colorado-based actors Heath Heine, Cali June, Ben Hilzer, Gary Neuger, Gary Miller, Trevor Wilson, Ella Madison, J.T. Richardson and introducing Moxi (aka Cooper). Along with an all-star cast of supporting characters, and an "army" of talented Colorado film crew, "Army & Coop" aims to make audiences oh...ah....and laugh until their sides hurt with a story straight out of the Rocky Mountains.

For more information check out our social media pages!