FEATURE - In development

This epic tale centers on several different storylines all interweaving throughout the lives of different characters as they come together through both conflict and common ground. It is a story about magic and war, but also of family and the secrets that can tear them, and the world, apart.

The miracle of magic has not been heard of for thousands of years. As the last age of this world comes to a close, the land of Brython is in constant turmoil. Sloan Rienhart, General of Volsing and protector of Brython, leads his men through constant war against their sworn enemies, the Rath-Garians. When an unknown man washes up on the shores of Brython with no memory of who he is or where he comes from, a chain of events is set in motion which leads Sloan into a depression, questioning the cause behind the war and what his people are fighting for. His questioning brings him back to a dark secret he has held onto for years, one that could cost them the war. 

Produced in collaboration with Bradford Jackson Films & Crooked Pictures