Concept short film - pre-production

After the Wight family patriarch presumably commits suicide, his estranged children come together for the Christmas holiday, and wind up unwrapping a host of dark secrets.

Currently in the casting phase, The Wight Christmas is the latest production from award winning filmmaker Levi A. Taylor. Set in an anonymous small mountain town, a family with a complicated history comes together to bury their father, and inadvertently end up confronting each other with old memories and feelings that they all have been trying to bury for years.

Taylor and his production group have produced numerous award winning short films seen all over the U.S. the Europe. The feature length script is currently being evaluated by several top screenplay competitions, and has already been made a Semi-Finalist at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. With the creation of this short film we'll be demonstrating the look and feel the feature length film will bring to the viewing audiences. Hitting on dramatic topics recognized by the entire world.

Produced in collaboration Crooked Pictures, Random Acronym and Eissej Films.

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Semi-Finalist - Austin Revolution Film Festival - 2017.png