Poster by Garrett Martin

Poster by Garrett Martin

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After the Wight family patriarch presumably commits suicide, his estranged children come together for the Christmas holiday, and wind up unwrapping a host of dark secrets.

Currently in the casting phase, The Wight Christmas is the latest production from award winning filmmaker Levi A. Taylor. Set in an anonymous small mountain town, a family with a complicated history comes together to bury their father, and inadvertently end up confronting each other with old memories and feelings that they all have been trying to bury for years.

Taylor and his production group have produced numerous award winning short films seen all over the U.S. the Europe. The feature length script is currently being evaluated by several top screenplay competitions, and has already been made a Semi-Finalist at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. With the creation of this short film we'll be demonstrating the look and feel the feature length film will bring to the viewing audiences. Hitting on dramatic topics recognized by the entire world.

Produced in collaboration Crooked Pictures, Random Acronym and Eissej Films.

UPDATE: 10-7-2019 - East Coast Premiere

We’ll be making our first appearance on the east coast of the U.S. at the beginning of November as part of the Reedy Reels Film Festival in Greenville, South Carolina. We are very excited to join the 5th year of the festival, and look forward to the start of our fall festival schedule!

UPDATE: 7-14-2019 - Festivals So Far

In the last four months The Wight Christmas has seen an amazing response from screenings here in the US and overseas. First premiering at the 19th annual Beverly Hills Film Festival, followed then by the Desertscape International Film Festival, then making our Germany/International debut at the International Starfest and currently set to screen July 31st at the Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Competition. Check out this review from the Utah Film Festival & Awards program.

“Director Levi A. Taylor delivered the ultimate Christmas holiday movie ever. Crooked Pictures LLC's ‘The Wight Christmas’ is currently at the top of my list in the best short film category. From its oozingly crazy juicy story and talented ensemble cast, this film will stir up your Christmas spirit and shakedown your typical holiday movie routine. You might be wondering what the movie is all about, sadly it will be a crime to spill some beans off this epically awesome movie, but I am going to leave you with a hint; If you think your family is bizarre and your holiday get-together is always crazy, well in that case you have not met the Wight's, and I guarantee you a sigh of relief after watching this film. It may be some two hundred' ish more days before Christmas, but a movie this good doesn't have to wait that long, better catch it as soon as it hits theaters or festivals nearby. Seriously one of the best choices you'll ever make this year, I know I did!”

UPDATE: 3-27-2019 - Feature Ready

In our final episode of our behind-the-scenes series director Levi Taylor and the cast discuss the possibilities for the feature length The Wight Christmas project, and the future of Crooked Pictures. You can help make that feature a reality by donating to our Indiegogo campaign. Find our more at the link below and before sure to Donate, Like and Share today! 

UPDATE: 3-25-2019 - Cautionary Tale

We're in our last week for The Wight Christmas Indiegogo campaign. Donate today!

Kicking off the last week is Episode 10 of our BTS series. See the cast and director of The Wight Christmas discuss the major issues brought up in the film, and why it is important to tell stories like this in today's world.

UPDATE: 3-22-2019 - Evan Wight

We're almost at the end of week three, and we've had some great contributions going into the weekend. Among those we'd like to give a shout out to Crooked Picture alumni Liz Savage, and a rising star in the AK Film Commuity, Jame Kendall. Thank you both for your contributions this week. Find out how you can become part of the Crooked Pictures family by donating here ----->

Episode 09 is our final episode of this week featuring Evan Silcox in the role of Evan Wight. Evan has been with Crooked pictures since our 2013 film "Story Time," and we were very excited to have him back for this new adventure. See him and director Levi Taylor discuss the role in The Wight Christmas.

UPDATE: 3-20-2019 - Jerry Wight

This week is going by fast for our Indiegogo campaign for The Wight Christmas. Be sure to Donate, Like and Share these awesome videos, and help spread the word about Alaska's filmmakers!

In Episode 08 of our series director Levi Taylor and actor Bradford James Jackson (Bradford Jackson Films) talk about the character Jerry Wight and the sturggles he goes through being the black sheep of the famiy.

UPDATE: 3-18-2019 - Hana Wight

We are in week three of the Indiegogo campaign for The Wight Christmas. Be sure to Donate, Like and Share these awesome videos, and help spread the word about Alaska's filmmakers!

Here in Episode 07 director Levi Taylor and actress Katie Wallack talk about the character Hanna Wight, and her life growing up in a small town with her father and younger brothers.

UPDATE: 3-15-2019 - Jake Wight

Continuing our look into the characters of The Wight Christmas, Episode 06 in our series features actor Matt V Fernandez in the role of Officer Jake Wight. Join Matt, and Director Levi Taylor, as they discuss Jake’s role in the family, and his suspicions regarding the circumstances surrounding their father’s death. 

As week two comes to a close we are a quarter of the way to our final campaign goal. Check out, and share, our Indiegogo page and donate what you can to help The Wight Christmas reach as many audiences as possible! ------> 

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: 3-14-2019 - Podcasting

D.K. Johnston and Levi Taylor of Crooked Pictures LLC joined host Quinton Oliver Smith on The Last Frontier Cinema Podcast! Talking about The Wight Christmas and our roots in the Alaska film community. Check out this episode and others on iTunes and Podbean today!

UPDATE: 3-14-2019 - Premiere Announcement

We are proud to announce that The Wight Christmas will premiere at the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival on April 6th at the TCL Chinese Theatres. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! Help The Wight Christmas reach as many audiences as possible by donating to the Indiegogo Campaign! We also have a new railer for the film so check it out!

UPDATE: 3-13-2019 - Episode 05 - Edward Wight

In Episode 05 of our behind-the-scene series is now live as we begin to take a closer look at the Wight family siblings beginning with the oldest, Edward Wight. Edward is a confident lawyer who has been thrust back into his small town roots following his father's death to be the executor of his will. Of course coming home after so many years isn't as easy as it seems. Jamie Nelson, star of both stage and screen, discusses his role in the film along with writer/director Levi Taylor.

Look for this and more character insights in the coming days, and be sure to like, share and donate to the Indiegogo campaign today! 

UPDATE: 3-11-2019 - Episode 04 - Not Your Family Christmas

We have so much great content and announcements to share this week! Kicking off our second week of The Wight Christmas Indiegogo campaign we are excited to present Episode 04 - Not Your Family Christmas. Here the cast of The Wight Christmas talk about their own families during the holidays, and Director Levi A. Taylor speaks to creating a short film from the feature length script.

Featuring music by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies!

Be sure to share and donate today!

UPDATE: 3-8-2019 - Episode 03 - A Dramatic Ensemble

We've had a great first week of our Indiegogo campaign for The Wight Christmas, and have really enjoyed interacting with all of our fans as you all get your first looks at the film. We have more in stored throughout the enitre month so stay tuned!

We'll end the week with Episode 03 - A Dramatic Ensemble where director Levi A. Taylor talks about creating the cast of The Wight Christmas, and what each member brings to the table. Featuring music by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

Be sure to continue to donate, share ( and discuss the film, and its subject, as we head into week two of our campaign. Thank you again from all of the cast and crew of The Wight Christmas!

UPDATE: 3-6-2019 - Episode 02 - Grassroots of Casting

As we approach the 20% mark for our Indiegogo Campaign we are proud to launch Episode 02 o four behind-the-scenes series. In this episode Director Levi A. Taylor and the cast members of The Wight Christmas (Matt V Fernandez, Jamie Nelson, Katie Wallack, Bradford James Jackson and Evan Silcox) discussing how they got involved with the production.

UPDATE: 3-4-2019 - Episode 01 - The Wight Christmas
We are excited to announce that Episode 01 of our behind-the-scenes series is now live (See below) as we go into the first week of our Indiegogo campaign for The Wight Christmas. Over the weekend we achieved over 15% of our goal, and we are very thankful for the support via donations, social media shares and messages from our fans. 

In our opening episode Writer/Director Levi A. Taylor talks about the creation of The Wight Christmas, and what his plans are for film in the near future. For more information on the campaign and how to donate visit our Indiegogo page HERE.

UPDATE: 3-1-2019 - Campaign is now live

Our campaign with Crooked Pictures is now live. Click HERE to see more behind-the-scenes content, find information on how to donate today!

UPDATE: 2-28-2019 - Indiegogo Campaign

On March 1st, 2019 Crooked Pictures will be launching an Indiegogo Campaign to raise finishing funds for The With Wight Christmas. This campaign will feature a twelve-part video series featuring interviews with director Levi A. Taylor and the cast of the film.



Semi-Finalist - Feature Script

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